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Is ChatGPT sabotaging itself right out of the gate?

Maybe by now you’re familiar with ChatGPT, maybe you’ve only heard of it, but don’t understand how it works or maybe you’ve never heard of it.

Well first many people are worried that ChatGPT will destroy marketing and take over the world. Or maybe they think it will kill the internet and replace all search engines.

What is ChatGPT? Well enough people are talking about what it is so I’ll be brief and let you search for more in-depth articles if you need a more precise definition.

But simply put ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) that analyzes your question, searches the vast internet for answers and responds with a formulated answer by pulling together content from sources on the internet.

Google is worried because the platform gives users a specific answer to a question, or formulates a piece of copy that users can use without ever visiting the websites the information was gathered and formulated from.

This has google worried, since it might cause people to avoid clicking on sites which results in less people looking at the actual site resulting in less revenue for the site, less revenue for google.

People are worried that ChatGPT and other AI’s like it will take traffic away from sites.

Well let’s just take a moment to read that again!

People are worried that ChatGPT and other AI’s like it will take traffic away from sites.

Yes this is a real concern and it is warranted. But here are a few questions to ponder…

If you own a website that you put your heart and soul into to share valuable information with your target audience, but it was not getting traffic and not giving you a return on your investment, would you keep that site going?

Would you continue to pay for a site that gives free information if you’re not getting anything in return? Maybe if you’re a glutton for punishment.

Some people simply want the pleasure of sharing their knowledge and the gratitude of people who come and use that knowledge to better their lives. But with ChatGPT and other AI’s that pull from your knowledge and give answers to the user without ever having to go to the site, these programs eliminate the need for a user to visit the site, making it easier to use the knowledge without ever giving the contributor the recognition they deserve.

So again, would you continue to give your knowledge away for free? Most likely you won’t nor could you afford to.

As knowledge, in the form of websites, starts coming down from the internet, so does the vast pool of knowledge the ChatGPT and other AI’s use to function.

So the real question is, Is ChatGPT sabotaging itself right out of the gate?

Siri, Alexa, Cortona? Would you ladies like to chime in?

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